About Us


Hi I’m Meghan, wife and homeschooling mother of four.

As a mom of kids ages 8 to 15, I’ve gone through many different stages on my journey. I’ve had times where I was incredibly overwhelmed and stressed. I’ve had times where I felt like I wasn’t enough. And I’ve had times where I felt like I needed more purpose in my life.

Over the years I have come to realize that life isn’t always going to be easy. And I’ve come to realize that I am enough, while finding my passions in life.

It is these experiences that drive me to share the things that I have learned and to help other moms to find a place where they are smiling more, stressing less, and enjoying being the wonderful mothers that they are!

Meghan Nowlin



Hi I’m Marisa, wife, homemaker, mother of a teenage girl and higher education professional for 17 years.

As a mom, juggling a full-time career and responsibilities at home is a challenge for me! My priority is always to be present for my family and to enjoy the time we have together, but all too often I find myself overwhelmed, rushed and distracted. Learning to manage my stress, taking the time to take care of me and stopping to remind myself of what is most important in my life is something I have to work at each and every day.

Over the years, I’ve come to realize that small efforts can have BIG impact and that my happiest moments usually come when I am enjoying the simplest of things. Finding ways to organize my life also helps me discover more of those precious free moments in the midst of a full day! 

I believe every mom wants to feel good and have less stress so that they can truly enjoy the beautiful moments in their life. I hope to provide a place to share ideas, experiences and helpful tips that support other moms in their journey to lead a healthy, happy and tranquil life!

Marisa Ouverson


 The Mom Team

Being Mommy is Easier Together!

Our opinion is that as moms we are stronger together! We cheer each other on and are there to support one another through the tough stressful days. Every mom needs a mom friend to be there for them and together we make a great team!

Mommy On With Us!

We would love for you to be a part of our mom team! We want to be there to encourage you and cheer you on throughout your mom journey. No mom should have to journey alone!
We want to provide you with the tips, tools and encouragement that you need to reduce stress,

be more organized, and find your passion and purpose.
We want to be there for you so that you can focus on what’s most important…. being mom and being you!


What We Offer

Organize & Plan

Tired of mess and chaos? Get organized to simplify your life and decrease stress so that you can mommy on!

Passion & Purpose

Want to find your purpose and passion? Find something that is uniquely yours and brings joy to your life!

Health & Wellness

Want to be at your best? Find out how to be a healthy you so that you can look great, feel great and enjoy motherhood!

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