Are you looking for fun fall activities to hep develop your child’s fine motor skills? These 19 fall fine motor activities are not only great for fine motor development, but will keep your child entertained for hours!

Fall Fine Motor Activities

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19 Fall Fine Motor Activities

If you are looking for fun fall activities for your child, why not find an activity that will also help them to learn and grow?!

These 19 fine motor activities are all great ways to not only entertain your child with fun fall activities, but will help with development and are educational.

Fine Motor Skills

Fine motor skills are the small movements that we use daily without even realizing it.

Everything from buttoning a shirt to tying shoes requires fine motor skills.

In school children are expected to complete tasks that require fine motor skills as well. Whether its holding a pencil, using scissors, or handling small items, fine motor skills are important!

So how do we develop fine motor skills in children?

There are lots of fun and educational activities that can help with this!

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Fine Motor Activities

Also if you are looking for something that requires zero assembly, or that can be great for traveling and in the car, then check out these 20 toys to strengthen fine motor skills!

Fine Motor Skills Toys

Fall Fine Motor Skills Activities

Fine Motor Activities


Apples & Worms: Fall Fine Motor Counting Activity 

This is a great activity for developing fine motor skills as well as for teaching your child to count! Not to mention incredibly cute:)

Fall Fine Motor Activity: Hammering Pumpkins

This looks like loads of fun! What a great fall activity for toddlers and preschoolers! Not only is this a great fine motor activity, but it’s super simple to do and requires zero prep work!

Fall Fine Motor Fun With a Muffin Tin

The fall fine motor activity using a muffin tin is a great mess free indoor activity that will keep your toddler entertained!


Fine Motor Activities


Fall Leaves Fine Motor Play

Another easy to assemble fine motor activity that your child can do indoors. Simply use items that you already have on hand for some educational fun!

Easy Fall Tree Activity

This fall tree activity is too cute! My preschooler will definitely love this activity!

Fall Leaves In and Out Activity

A simple activity for toddlers using things that every toddler parent has on hand!


Fine Motor Activities


Fall Counting Game Math Activity 

Another great counting game to do during the fall! What a great way to encourage learning through play!

Leaf Lacing Activity

Lacing is such a great fine motor skills activity! This is a great way to incorporate the fall season into a traditional activity!

Fall Pom Pom Tree

This is just too cute! I can’t look at this without thinking of Dr. Seuss or the Lorax! So adorable! I even want to make one;)


Fine Motor Activities


Fall Tree Fine Motor Activity

Fall leaves and clothes pins make this activity easy to do, yet excellent for developing fine motor skills!

Button Worm Apple Fall Name Activity

This is a very unique activity that is great for your child to do either at home or on the go!

Fall Fine Motor Counting Activity

Counting and fine motor development are definitely things that your preschooler needs to learn! Make it a seasonal activity following the directions in this post.


Fine Motor Activities


Fine Motor Autumn Leaves Sorting

Sorting is a great fine motor activity for toddlers, and how much more fun to incorporate the colors of fall!

Pumpkin Fine Motor Skills Activity

I love these adorable mini pumpkins! And, after your child is done using them for this fine motor activity you can use them for fall decorations;)

Easy Fine Motor Washi Tape Fall Tree

This tape tree is very creative and colorful! A great fine motor activity!


Fine Motor Activities


Fall Leaf Lacing 

Another lacing activity, but this time using real leaves! A great fine motor and sensory activity!

Pumpkin Match Fine Motor and Counting Game

An easy to assemble activity using mainly things that you already have on hand!

Fall Leaf Punch Collage

Punches are a great way to strengthen hands and develop fine motor skills! This is a super cute activity:)

Apple Hedgehogs: Fine Motor Activity

How adorable are these apple hedgehogs?! Your kids will love this fine motor activity. They won’t even know they are learning!

And those are 19 fall fine motor activities!

Which ones are your favorites?

Be sure to leave me a comment below and let me know which ones you try!

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