Are you looking for fun activities to help develop your child’s gross motor skills? These 29 gross motor activities are not only great for gross motor development, but will keep your child entertained for hours!

Gross Motor Activities

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29+ Gross Motor Activities

If you are looking for fun activities for your child, why not find an activity that will also help them to learn and grow?!

These 29 gross motor activities are all great ways to not only entertain your child, but will help with development and are educational.

Gross Motor Skills Definition

Motor skills are movements of different muscles in the body.

Fine motor skills are the movements of small muscles such as the hands, fingers, feet, toes, etc.

Gross motor skills involve movements of larger muscles such as the arms and legs. Gross motor skills are what allow us to walk, run, ride a bike, etc.

How can you help your child develop their motor skills?

There are lots of fun and educational activities that can help with this!

For fine motor skills development read 35+ Fine Motor Activities.

Also if you are looking for fine motor activities that require zero assembly, or that can be great for traveling and in the car, then check out these 20 toys to strengthen fine motor skills!

Fine Motor Skills Toys


Today we are going to look at 29+ gross motor activities that will not only help your child to develop, but that will provide them with endless hours of fun!

Gross Motor Skills Activities

Make Your Own Kids Obstacle Course

Kids Obstacle Course


Are you looking for great summer activities for kids? Are you looking for something to keep them active and to encourage outdoor play? Then you have got to make your own kids obstacle course!

This is a great way to help develop gross motor skills! Find out how to make your own Kids Obstacle Course here.


Gross Motor Activities


Dinosaur Activities For Preschoolers

This activity looks like so much fun! What a creative way to let your little dinosaur lover work on their gross motor skills!

Giant Alphabet Activities

While small movements are great for fine motor skills, let’s think big for gross motor skills! Try this giant alphabet activity with your child and make learning fun!

Practice Gross Motor Skills Every Month of the Year

I love this idea! Check this out to find gross motor skills activities to do all year long. This activity plan takes all of the stress out of finding activities to do with your child.

Gross Motor Skills

Gross Motor Activities


Gross Motor and Art For Infants

Your infant will have a blast with this art activity while strengthening their gross motor skills!

Gross Motor Math Counting and Action Dice Game

I love games that are not only fun but educational as well! With games like this dice game your kids won’t even know they are learning;)

Rolling Down Hills – Gross Motor Activity

This is a great summertime outdoor activity! Check out this rolling down hills activity for lots of gross motor skills fun!


Gross Motor Activities


Gross Motor Play Scarf Circle For Babies

This is a great motor skills activity that is mess free. Your baby will stay entertained with this scarf circle gross motor play:)

Beach Ball Gross Motor Game

This beach ball game is loads of fun! A great summer gross motor activity for kids!

Weather Theme Movement Game

Teach Your Kids about the weather while strengthening gross motor skills! This game is a great learning tool.


Gross Motor Activities


10 Fun Gross Motor Balloon Tennis Games

Another fun gross motor skills game! Try all ten of these games to not only keep your kids entertained but to strengthen gross motor skills!

Apple Themed Gross Motor Learning

Another educational and developmental game. This is a great gross motor skills game that you should definitely try!

Moon Crater Gross Motor Activity

My kids will love this activity! This makes for a great summer outdoor gross motor activity.

Gross Motor Activities For Preschoolers

Gross Motor Activities


Gross Motor Apple Picking Activity

This is a great rainy day gross motor activity:) Check out this apple picking activity for gross motor skills development fun!

Butterfly Color and Number Walk

This butterfly color and number walk activity is a great gross motor skills activity for preschoolers!

Jumping Lines Gross Motor Sensory Play

Another great indoor gross motor activity! This is a fun activity for toddlers and preschoolers.


Gross Motor Activities


Dinosaur Roll and Move Gross Motor Activity

Another great game for your little dinosaur lover! Roll and move for gross motor skills development!

Walking On Pillows Gross Motor Activity

This is a great gross motor activity for toddlers and preschoolers! Not to mention a great way to encourage imaginative play:)

10 Best Songs For Gross Motor Movement

This is a perfect activity by itself or to incorporate with other gross motor activities! Check out these 10 songs that encourage gross motor movement.

Gross Motor Activities For Toddlers

Gross Motor Activities


Gross Motor Cardboard Box Ball Game

This is a great gross motor activity that you can do with items that you already have on hand. Who says that learning activities can’t be free?!

Balloon Tennis Gross Motor Play Activity

Balloon tennis looks like so much fun! Your preschooler will have lots of fun playing this game!

Gross Motor Shapes Activity

This activity is not only a great way to develop gross motor skills, but a great way to learn about shapes! Not to mention a great game for summer fun!


Gross Motor Activities


Gross Motor Activity – Hula Hoop Games

Hula Hoops are so much fun! Do you remember playing with these as a kid? I do:)

Check out these fun games to encourage gross motor skills development using a hula hoop!

Gingerbread Gross Motor Activity

Check out this gingerbread activity for a unique way to incorporate gross motor activity.

Frog Jump: Measurement and Gross Motor Activity

Frog Jump is a great game for gross motor skills! And a game that can be played indoors on a rainy day:)

Gross Motor Activities

Gross Motor Activities


Cowboy Gross Motor Activity

This cowboy gross motor activity comes with free printable cards! Check it out for lots of cowboy fun:)

Elephant Stomp Gross Motor Activity

Elephant stomp is a great gross motor activity for your toddler or preschooler!

Gross Motor Action Dice

Make these paper dice for an easy DIY gross motor action game!

Gross Motor Phonics Game

This game is a great way to teach phonics! Your kids won’t even know that they are learning with this fun gross motor skills game!

And that is 29+ gross motor activities that your kids will love!

Be sure to leave me a comment below and let me know which ones are your favorites!