Are you looking for Mario Christmas coloring pages? If you have a Mario games fan and are looking for some holiday coloring sheets then this is for you!

Mario Christmas Coloring Pages

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Mario Christmas Coloring Pages

Both of my boys have gone through Mario phases. Actually to be honest the girls have played some too:)

While they love to play many different video games, Mario was probably one of the first that they became obsessed with. They would totally play for hours if I didn’t make them turn it off. They loved it!

They’ve played Super Mario bros., Super Mario Galaxy, and even Mario Kart.

When they were first learning I even played it with them:) I actually enjoyed playing and working our way through the worlds to rescue Princess Peach. It was something fun that we were able to do together:)

But it didn’t take long for them to become more advanced than me! I stopped playing when they reached the point that they were constantly yelling at me to “Just put yourself in a bubble mom!” lol

Free Mario Coloring Pages

Now, for the younger Mario fans, when they aren’t actually playing the game itself, they can color it!

This coloring sheet is a Christmas version of a classic game.

In this coloring page Santa Claus is trying to make it through Mario’s world to reach the milk and cookies at the end:) And don’t forget to collect the candy canes and Christmas trees along the way!

Fine Motor Skills

Coloring is such a great way to help children develop fine motor skills. And it’s a great calming and mindfulness activity!

It’s also an excellent activity for when their allowed video game time is up:)

But why not find them some free coloring pages that go along with their interests? You can make coloring fun by finding sheets that go along with their favorite things!

And hey, I don’t know about you, but coloring is something that I can still do with them that doesn’t hold up the game;)

So print out this Mario Christmas coloring page on an 8.5 X 11″ piece of paper and pull out the colored pencils!

Click the link below to download your free Mario coloring page!

Mario Christmas Coloring Pages

Mario Christmas Coloring Pages