Are you looking for a fun and creative DIY slime recipe? This is the ultimate list of homemade slime recipes! Your kids will love each and every one of these!

Slime Recipe

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70 DIY Slime Recipes – The Ultimate Slime Recipe List!

Slime is so much fun for kids!

Slime is also a great sensory activity!

Sensory Activities

Sensory activities and toys are excellent for helping children to focus their attention, relieve stress, and to release bound energy!

Sensory items stimulate one of the five senses: sight, sound, touch, smell & taste.

These slime recipes will help to stimulate your chid’s senses!

These sensory slime recipes will help children to focus and to relieve stress and anxiety, as well as to develop fine motor skills ,etc.

You can find additional sensory activities for kids here!

How To Make Slime

Let’s dive in and check out some great recipes to make your own homemade slime!

Slime Recipe


Fire Slime

This bright multi-colored slime is loads of fun! Play with it by itself for sensory fun or use it with other toys for imaginative play!

Jack Jack Incredibles Slime

The incredibles is a super fun movie that should definitely have its own slime:) And what better than slime to represent Jack Jack?!

Peter Pan Striped Slime

I love this brightly colored striped slime! Stretchy, ooey gooey fun!


Slime Recipe


Slime Recipe

Mermaid Slime

This mermaid slime is sure to be a hit with any little girl! I think that I would like to play in this slime as well;) What a beautiful color!

Under The Sea Ocean Slime

This under the sea ocean slime is great to play with toy ocean creatures! Sensory fun meets imaginative fun with this cool colored slime:)

Valentine Slime With Free Printable Gift Tag

Give some slime to your valentine with this festive slime! Put in containers marked with these cute labels for a great gift!


Slime Recipe


DIY Green Monster Slime

Halloween wouldn’t be complete without some slime! Try this monster slime for decoration and play.

Scented Glow in the Dark Slime

Glow in the dark slime is loads of fun for kids! Check out this recipe to make not only glow in the dark, but scented slime!

Tinkerbell Slime

Another slime to go with a Disney classic! Tinkerbell slime is a must try!


Slime Recipe


DIY Slime

Dusty Crophopper Slime

This glittery slime will be a hit with all the boys!

Disney Moana Ocean Slime

We love Moana at my house! Which is why we created the Moana Sensory Bin! This slime will make a great addition to our Moana play:)

Monster High Slime

If your child is a Monster High fan then they will love this slime!


Slime Recipe


Infinity Gauntlet Slime

This brightly colored jeweled slime will be loads of fun whether you are an Avengers fan or not!

Ocean Slime

This ocean slime is such a beautiful shade of blue! And the bubbles make it look like it’s really under the sea:)

Easy Clear Slime

This clear slime is a great base slime to add in whatever sensory items you would like!


Slime Recipe


Homemade Slime

Superhero Glitter Slime

Superhero glitter slime is vibrant, glittery and lots of fun!

Butter Slime

This slime looks so creamy and smooth! Definitely a slime recipe to try.

Floam Slime

This floam slime is the ultimate sensory experience! And the colors are so pretty and soothing as well.


Slime Recipe


Fluffy Slime

Another great fluffy slime! This slime also looks to be very smooth and fun to squish in your hands. I think this one will be a big hit at my house!

Gingerbread Slime

This looks like a great slime to make around the holidays! Why stop with gingerbread cookies? Add some gingerbread to your sensory play as well:)

Sparkly Silver Slime

This sparkly silver slime is very bright in addition to being stretchy and gooey. A fun slime recipe to make!


Slime Recipe


How to Make Slime

Chocolate Milk Slime

This chocolate milk slime is lots of ooey gooey fun!

Teal Sprinkle Slime

I love the color teal, so this slime really appeals to me. And with the sprinkles added it looks like birthday cake, so I’m in;)

Gold Glitter Slime

More sparkly fun! This gold glitter slime is another great recipe to try!


Slime Recipe


Slime Recipe

Unicorn Slime

This is some brightly colored slime! All of these colors combined are sure to catch your child’s attention!

Patriotic Slime

A great slime for the fourth of July! Make this patriotic slime for a fun fourth of July sensory activity!

Edible Jello Slime

Edible slime?! That’s right! I love the idea of edible slime, and this jello slime looks like lots of tasty gooey fun!


Slime Recipe


Heat Sensitive Color Changing Slime

This is just amazing to me! Not only does this slime look like fun to play with, but what a great science experiment for kids! Learning and fun all at once:)

Unicorn Snot Slime

This unicorn snot slime is lots of colorful slimey fun!

Sunset Slime

This sunset slime is full of lots of beautiful colors. Make the sunset come to life with this sensory slime!


Slime Recipe


Tie Dye Slime

How cool is this?! Forget tie dying clothes, tie dye slime!

Planet Solar System Slime

Another great learning experience using slime! Check out this planet solar system slime activity.

LOL Doll Slime

For the LOL Doll fan, check out this fun LOL Doll slime!


Slime Recipe


DIY Slime

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Slime

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, will there be enough room? I love this sensory activity for a classic children’s book! You definitely need to make this slime!

Edible Magic Melting Slime

More edible slime fun! Check out this magic melting slime!

Slime Kit Gifts

I love the idea of a slime kit gift! This is a great idea! What child wouldn’t love getting a DIY slime kit as a gift? This would also make a great idea for party favors as well!


Slime Recipe


Model Magic Slime

Model magic is something that my kids have always loved to play with. But did you know that you can turn it into slime?!

Jungle Slime

This vibrant green jungle slime is a great slime to include in imaginative play with jungle animal figurines!

Ocean Slime

Another great imaginative play slime! Mix in your sea creatures for great under the sea fun!


Slime Recipe


2 Ingredient Wow Slime

This wow slime is the perfect slime recipe! Smooth, bright and glittery!

How to Make Slime Without Borax

Contact Solution Slime

Looking for a great contact solution slime? Try this recipe!

Christmas Fluffy Slime

A great slime for Christmas! How cute is this Christmas fluffy slime idea?!


Slime Recipe


Dish Soap Spider Slime

Halloween wouldn’t be complete without some spider slime! Whip up this scary gooey slime for your halloween party!

Glow in the Dark Slime

Another great slime that is not only fun but a learning experience as well! Glow in the dark slime looks like lots of fun! And this would also make a great addition to a halloween party!

Edible Starburst Slime

Another edible slime! This stretchy slime is made using starburst!


Slime Recipe


Edible Slime

Sour Patch Kid Edible Slime

First they’re sour then they’re sweet;) Then they are stretchy! Use sour patch kids to make edible stretchy slime!

Edible Chocolate Slime

Chocolate is always a hit in my house:) So the idea of chocolate slime really appeals to me. This is definitely a recipe that my kids would like!

Edible Witches Brew Slime

This edible witches brew is another great halloween slime addition! I’m picturing this slime in a black cauldron that kids have to stick their hands in;)


Slime Recipe


Edible Candy Corn

Candy corn is the ultimate fall candy! What a great idea to make slime out of it!

Edible Laffy Taffy Slime

Laffy Taffy is another candy that usually winds up in halloween baskets. And not one that I particularly like my kids to eat:) So why not turn it into slime?! They can still enjoy it without having to eat it all!

Edible Marshmallow Slime

I’m not going to lie, marshmallow slime looks pretty tasty! It takes me back to my childhood days of marshmallow fluff sandwiches;)


Slime Recipe


Slime Recipes

Edible Gummy Bear Floam

Gummy bears are another great candy to turn into slime! Who knew that candy made such great slime?!

Edible Bubble Gum Slime

Bubble gum slime! Why didn’t I think of that?! This is definitely a must try slime recipe!

Static Slime

Now this is just too cool! Slime that moves towards objects?! Yes please!


Slime Recipe


How To Make Perfect Slime

This is the perfect slime! Stretchy, squishy, bright and glittery, and no bubbles!

Edible Pudding Slime

Grab a box of pudding and make slime! Edible slime is a great slime for little ones that like to taste everything;)

Color Changing Edible Silly Putty

Another color changing slime that is edible!


Slime Recipe


Edible Chocolate Slime

More chocolate slime! Try both recipes to see which one you like best.

Edible Pizza Slime

This is very creative! Move over dessert slimes, pizza is here!

Taste Safe Glow In The Dark Slime

A glow in the dark slime that is taste testing safe!


Slime Recipe


Super Stretchy Candy Slime

Pull out the leftover halloween candy and make super stretchy candy slime!

Edible Floam Slime

This ooey gooey floam slime is edible and a great sensory experience!

Edible Peanut Butter & Jelly Slime

Peanut butter and jelly slime is a great idea! Turn a childhood favorite into a fun activity that is also edible!


Slime Recipe


Edible Lemonade Slime

This is a great summertime slime to make! And it’s edible, which makes it even better:)

Edible Chocolate Poop Emoji Slime

Emojis are all the rage! And the poop emoji is one of the most popular. Try this edible chocolate poop emoji, your kids will love it!

Edible Gummy Bear Slime

Another gummy bear slime recipe that your kids will love! Try them both to see which one is your favorite!


Slime Recipe


Pumpkin Pie Slime

An edible slime recipe for fall! Edible pumpkin pie slime is fun, tasty and a great fall activity!

Cherry Limeade Edible Slime

Cherry limeade edible slime is a bright vibrant slime that is safe to taste.

Easy Fizzy Scented Slime

This fizzy scented slime is great for sensory stimulation!

DIY Flubber

This DIY Flubber looks like a great slime recipe!

And that is 70 DIY slime recipes! I hope you enjoyed the ultimate list of slime:) Be sure to let me know which ones are your favorites!

And be sure to pin it for later!

Slime Recipes