Are you looking for some fun fall slime recipes? These 11 fall themed slime recipes are sure to be a hit with your child! Watch them have fun while strengthening fine motor skills and experiencing sensory stimulation!

Fall Slime

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Fall Slime

Slime is so much fun!

I love to encourage my children to learn and develop through play! Even the older kids benefit from activities like these. 

Slime is an excellent choice because it helps with sensory stimulation as well as fine motor skills. Slime can be great for the sense of touch, smell, and taste (if it’s an edible slime:). 

While there are great slimes to make year around, it’s always fun to make special seasonal slimes for the different times of the year and holidays! 

Fall Themed Slime

Fall is one of my families favorite seasons! For the kids it means that Halloween is on it’s way! During this time they love to help me put out fall decorations and to make yummy fall treats

They also love to make fall crafts and participate in fun fall activities. 

These fall slime recipes make great options for fall fun!

Fall Slime Recipes!

All kids love slime! Bring in the fall season with some fall slime recipes!

Fall Slime Recipe

And those are 11 of the best fall slime recipes!

I hope your kids enjoy them:) Be sure to come back after making and playing with them and leave a comment below telling us what your favorites are!

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Happy Fall!