Make Valentines Day special for your little ones with some fun Valentines Day sensory bins! These sensory bins are not only lots of fun, but are great developmental tools for your toddler!

Valentines Day Sensory Bins

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7 Valentines Day Sensory Bins

If you like to make holidays and special occasions fun for your toddler or preschooler then these Valentines Day sensory bins are for you!

And, not only are they having fun when playing in these sensory bins, they are also learning!

Sensory development is very important for lots of life skills. So put together these bins, and have fun learning and growing together!

Valentines Day Sensory Bins

Valentines Day Sensory Bins


Valentine Sensory Bin with Frozen Hearts

Lots of frozen fun! Stimulate the senses with all of the different feels and textures in this fun valentine bin.

Valentine Soap Foam Letter Search

Who doesn’t love playing with soap bubbles? Especially when its such a pretty pink!

Valentine Sensory Play: Frozen Oobleck 

This cold and squishy sensory bin will definitely be a hit with your toddler!

Valentines Sensory Bin

This sensory bin contains lots of different items. Rice is a great addition to any sensory bin and a favorite in our house. Making it a pretty purple or pink color makes it even more fun:)


Valentines Day Sensory Bins

Valentines Heart Sensory Bin

Lots of different sized hearts with many different textures makes this sensory bin a great bin for your toddler or preschooler!

Valentine Rice Sensory Bin

Rice combined with festive Valentines Day items makes this a great sensory bin!

Pink Themed Sensory Bin

All little girls love pink, am I right? I know mine do. This sensory bin is pretty, bright, and full of textures!

So make one of these sensory bins this Valentines Day to not only keep your kids entertained but to help them to learn and grow as well!

They will love them!

And be sure to leave me a comment below letting me know which sensory bin is your favorite! Which bin will you choose to create with your child?

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