Are you looking for great sensory bin ideas for kids? Are you looking for sensory bins that are not only fun but easy and fast to assemble? Your child will love these 25 easy sensory bin ideas!

Sensory Bin Ideas

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25 Easy Sensory Bin Ideas!

Do your children like to play with sensory bins?

Sensory bins are not only a wonderful way to entertain your child, but a great way to incorporate sensory stimulation!

Sensory bins engage at least one, if not several, of the five senses: sight, sound, touch, smell or taste.

Try all of these 25 easy to make sensory bins to experience stimulation of all five of the senses!

Sensory Bins For Toddlers and Preschoolers

These sensory bins have something for both toddlers and older children.

Now, I do want to say that while sensory bins are great for toddlers, if your toddler is prone to putting things into his or her mouth, be sure to keep an eye out with some of the bins as some contain small items which can be choking hazards!

However some of these bins are great for taste testing!

Let’s check them out and see which ones are best for you and your family! My kids have either tried or want to try all of these:)

Sensory Bin Ideas

Every single one of these sensory bins are easy to make!

You can assemble each of these sensory bins in 10 minutes or less!

Vegetable Garden Sensory Bin!

Vegetable Garden Sensory Bin


This vegetable garden sensory bin was a big hit in my house!

And it was incredibly easy to make!

Let your little ones plant and harvest their own veggies in this stimulating sensory bin. But watch out! The hungry deer and rabbits are trying to get into your garden and it’s your job to keep them out!

Find out how to make the Vegetable Garden Sensory Bin here.

Ocean Sensory Bin

Deep Sea Sensory Bin!

Sensory Bin Ideas


The Deep Sea Sensory bin was another big hit with my kids.

Probably because it involves water;) My kids love to play with anything that has water in it!

This is also a bin that is quick and easy to assemble! You can find out how to make the Deep Sea Sensory Bin here.


Yellow Sensory Bin!

Yellow Sensory Bin


This sensory bin is a great way to teach toddlers and preschoolers about colors!

Experience the color yellow with different textures and shapes.

Kids will love playing with this yellow sensory bin!

Not only is it fun and educational, but it’s incredible easy to assemble.

Your kids can be playing in this sensory bin in less than 10 minutes!

Everyday Chaos and Calm shows you how to make this colorful yellow sensory bin!

Farm Animals Sensory Bin!


You have got to head over to Playground Park Bench to check out this Farm Animal Sensory Bin!

It is so adorable!

My kids have the exact same barn that she uses alongside her sensory bin and I know that they would love to incorporate it in their’s as well!

Such a fun, yet simple, sensory bin!


Moana Sensory Bin!

Moana Sensory Bin


Do your kids love the movie Moana as much as mine do?!

My kids played with this for hours!

Feel the grains of rice slide through your fingers like sand, splash the blue water as you travel to restore the heart of Te Fiti!

Yes, that’s right, I know my Disney movies;)

You definitely need to give this sensory bin a try!

Find out how to make the Moana Sensory Bin here!

Water Beads Sensory Bin!

Water Play


Have you used water beads yet? If not then you should!

Water beads are an extremely popular sensory item right now, they are awesome!

Everyday Chaos and Calm shares eight ways to use water beads including this fun sensory bin!

And of course, it is extremely easy to make;) Definitely check this sensory bin out, you will not be disappointed!

Let the sensory fun begin!

Sensory Play!

Construction Site Sensory Bin!

Construction Site Sensory Play


Do you have boys? Do they love to play with dump trucks and other construction vehicles?

Then you have got to try this sensory bin!

They will have loads of fun with this imaginative play experience:) What a great way to combine their favorite toys with sensory items!

Find out how to construct this Construction Site Sensory Bin from Craftulate.


Cereal Sensory Bin!

Cereal Sensory Bin


Ok, I told you there was an edible bin on this list didn’t I:)

Let your kids snack while playing with this fun yet simple sensory bin!

Find out how to make this bin to keep your toddler entertained at Hands On as We Grow.

Dinosaur Sensory Bin

Dinosaur Dig Sensory Bin!

Dinosaur Dig Sensory Bin


This is also a favorite sensory bin at my house!

The kids love it because it’s lots of seek and find sensory fun, and I love it because it is literally the easiest sensory bin I have ever assembled!

I assembled this sensory bin in less than five minutes! That has to be a record;)

And they played with it FOREVER!

My son loved digging for dinosaur bones! Actually my daughter did as well:)

They had so much fun taking turns burying the bones for the other one to find!

My older kids even got involved in the fun and hid the dino bones for the younger ones as well!

This is definitely a sensory bin that you need to make for your little archeologist:)

Find out how to assemble the Dinosaur Dig Sensory Bin here.


Square Sensory Bin!

Square Sensory Bin


This sensory bin is not only lots of fun, but a great learning experience.

What a great way to teach kids about shapes!

Instead of showing them what squares look like, let them FEEL what makes a square a square!

They won’t even know they’re learning:)

Head on over to Everyday Chaos and Calm to find out how to make this sensory bin and the must-have items to include for the best sensory experience possible!


Colored Pasta Sensory Bin!

Colored Pasta Sensory Bin


This colored pasta sensory bin is such a creative idea, and it looks like lots of fun!

Another great sensory bin for teaching colors while exposing your child to sensory stimulation.

What a great way for little hands to experience different textures and colors!

You can find out how to make this Colored Pasta Sensory Bin at My Bored Toddler.

Spring Sensory Bin Ideas

Easter Sensory Bin!

Easter Sensory Bin


The Easter Sensory Bin is so colorful and incredibly easy to assemble.

It is also mess free! Nothing sticky or gooey to clean up here:)

I notice at easter every year that my kids love to feel and play in their easter baskets. So I thought, why not make a bigger version of their easter baskets?!

They loved it!

I included lots of spring and easter goodies:)

You can find out how to make this fun and colorful Easter Sensory Bin here.


Craft Sand Sensory Bin!

Craft Sand Sensory Bin

The Craft Sand Sensory Bin is a bin that your child will love!

The feel of the smooth sand between their fingers in contrast with the harder objects included in this bin make for a great sensory experience.

Plus the spring colors are so bright and cheerful:)

Head on over to Little Bins For Little Hands to find out how to assemble this crafty sensory bin.


Bird Seed Sensory Bin!

Bird Seed Sensory Bin


The Bird Seed Sensory Bin is a great way to teach your toddler or preschooler about nature!

Learn about some of the foods that birds like to eat, feel the different textures, and have lots of imaginative fun!

You can find the exact instructions to make the Bird Seed Sensory Bin at My Mundane and Miraculous Life.


Soap and Water Sensory Bin!

Soap and Water Sensory Bin


The Soap and Water Sensory Bin is a great sensory bin for outdoor summer fun!

What can be more fun than water play during the summer months?!

This awesome sensory bin incorporates not only soapy fun, but color blending fun as well!

Find out how exactly to make this colorful Soap and Water Sensory Bin at Everyday Chaos and Calm.


Raindrops In a Cloud Sensory Bin!

Raindrops Sensory Bin


Teach your toddler or preschooler about the weather with this fun Raindrops In a Cloud Sensory Bin.

This is a sensory bin that they will love playing in! The clouds in this bin are great fun to stick your hands in.

Your little meteorologist will ask to play with this easy to make sensory bin over and over again:)

Find out how to make the Raindrops In a Cloud Sensory Bin at From ABCs to ACTs.


Cornmeal Sensory Bin!

Cornmeal Sensory Bin


The Cornmeal Sensory Bin is another easy, yet creative, sensory bin.

The course texture of cornmeal makes for an excellent sensory experience!

Combine that with the tools used in this bin and your toddler will be entertained for hours!

Find out what to include in your Cornmeal Sensory Bin at Craftulate.


Magnet Sensory Bin!

Magnet Sensory Bin


This is, in my opinion, an awesome idea!

Using magnets in addition to sensory materials, how cool is that?!

You kids will have a blast using their magnets to search for hidden objects in the sensory sand used in this bin!

Head on over to Coffee Cups and Crayons to find out how to make this Magnet Sensory Bin and exactly what you need for the ultimate magnetic experience!


Plastic Straws Sensory Bin!

Plastic Straws Sensory Bin


The Plastic Straws Sensory Bin is a great way to make a sensory bin using something that you probably already have on hand!

This sensory bin is simple to make and a colorful way for kids to experience sensory stimulation.

Find out exactly what to include in your Plastic Straws Sensory Bin at Teaching Mama.


Seaside Sensory Bin!

Seaside Sensory Bin


The Seaside Sensory Bin is a great summertime sensory bin!

And a creative use of materials that you probably have lying around the house:)

Quickly and easily assemble this beach fun sensory bin using the detailed instructions at The Chaos and The Clutter.


Cloud Dough Sensory Bin!

Cloud Dough Sensory Bin


The cloud dough sensory bin is really neat!

The soft texture of this cloud dough is great for little fingers.

What a great sensory bin for your children to play with their favorite toys in!

Find out exactly how to easily make your own cloud dough at Life With Moore Babies.

Fall Sensory Bin

Apple Sensory Bin!

Apple Sensory Bin


The Apple Sensory Bin is a great fall sensory activity.

This sensory bin is very easy to assemble yet full of sensory fun!

And, this sensory bin also includes a free printable for additional fall apple learning and fun!

Find out how to assemble this sensory bin and get your free printable at Teaching Mama.

Winter Sensory Bin Ideas

Melted Snowman Sensory Bin!

Winter Sensory Bin Ideas


Who said that melted snowman can’t still be lots of fun? 😉

This Melted Snowman Sensory Bin is a great winter sensory bin idea!

Little hands will love playing with this melted ‘snow’!

Preschool Inspirations has the exact directions to assemble this Melted Snowman Sensory Bin.


Hot Chocolate Sensory Bin!

Hot Chocolate Sensory Bin


How cute is the Hot Chocolate Sensory Bin?!

Kids love to play cook and this sensory bin is the ultimate way for them to make this traditional winter drink!

How do you like your hot chocolate? 😉

Find out exactly what you need for your Hot Chocolate Sensory Bin at Play & Learn Everyday.


Ice Cream Sensory Bin!

Ice Cream Sensory Bin


The Ice Cream Sensory Bin brings even more play cooking fun!

Let your little chef serve you a yummy bowl of ice cream complete with your favorite toppings:)

Fantastic Fun and Learning will tell you everything that you need to know about assembling this cool treat sensory bin!

And that is 25 easy sensory bin ideas!

Create all of these fun and educational sensory bins in ten minutes or less!

This is the ultimate sensory bin list for busy moms!

I hope that you and your family enjoy all of these sensory bins and create wonderful memories together:)

Which sensory bins are your favorites? Which ones do your children like the best?

Leave me a comment below and let me know!

Oh, and be sure to send me awesome pics of your sensory bin creations!

Have fun:)