Are you looking for great sensory bin ideas for kids? The dinosaur dig sensory bin is lots of sensory fun for your little dinosaur lover!

Dinosaur Dig Sensory Bin

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Dinosaur Dig Sensory Bin!

Do your kids like to play with sensory bins?

Sensory bins are not only a wonderful way to entertain your child, but a great way to incorporate sensory stimulation!

Sensory bins engage at least one, if not several, of the five senses: sight, sound, touch, smell or taste.

This sensory bin incorporates sight, sound and touch!

Your little archeologist will feel the smooth crunch of the black bean dirt and the textured dinosaur bones as they dig and explore!

Sensory Bin Ideas

My kids love sensory bins!

They had so much fun with the easter sensory binthe Fish Tank Sensory Bin, the Antarctica Sensory Bin, and the Vegetable Garden Sensory Bin that I made, that I decided to make another one!

My son loved this dinosaur dig sensory bin! Actually my daughter did as well:)

They had so much fun taking turns burying the bones for the other one to find!

My older kids even got involved in the fun and hid the dino bones for the younger ones as well!

As I mentioned in the Vegetable Garden Sensory Bin (which is also made using black beans) that the older kids liked running their hands through the beans in the tub as well:) There’s something calming and therapeutic about the smooth beans in your hands. It’s kind of like playing with a stress ball:)

Dinosaur Dig Sensory Bin

Sensory Bins For Toddlers and Preschoolers

This sensory bin has something for both toddlers and older children.

My four year old loved this as much as my six year old. And I know that toddlers will as well.

Now, I do want to say that while this sensory bin is great for toddlers, if your toddler is prone to putting things in his or her mouth, be sure to keep an eye out that they aren’t putting the beans in their mouth!

Dinosaur Sensory Bin

How to Make the Dinosaur Dig Sensory Bin

First you need a bin to create your Archeological area in.

Dinosaur Dig Sensory Bin


I use a clear plastic tub that is about 20 inches long, 14 inches wide, and 6 inches deep.

It doesn’t have to be exactly that size. Just make sure that it is large enough for them to play in without knocking out the contents, and not too deep that they can’t reach in to play well.

Also, if you have multiple children playing with the bin you want to make sure that it is big enough to accommodate everyone.

Next gather all of your dino dig items!

You don’t have to use exactly the same toys and items that I used.

I tried to use items that we already had on hand.

I was also able to reuse the black beans that we used in our Vegetable Garden Sensory Bin to make the dinosaur dig bin! So I didn’t even have to buy anything to make this sensory bin idea!

Dinosaur Dig Sensory Bin

Sensory Items

These are the items that I added to our dinosaur dig sensory bin:

Black Beans

Toy Dinosaur Bones

Dinosaur Dig Sensory Bin

How to Assemble Your Dinosaur Dig Sensory Bin:

First start by adding the black beans to your bin.

I filled mine between one and two inches deep.

Next position your dinosaur bones on top of the black beans.

Push the bones down below the surface of the beans to hide them.

And that’s it!

Dinosaur Dig Sensory Bin


Now your dinosaur bone sensory bin is ready for your little archeologist to start digging!

Isn’t that the easiest sensory bin ever to assemble?!

I hope you and your dinosaur lover enjoy the Dinosaur Dig Sensory Bin as much as we did!

Which dinosaurs will you add to your Dinosaur Dig Sensory Bin?

Let me know by leaving me a comment below!

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