Do your kids love Pokemon? These Pokemon perler beads are lots of fun to make as well as a blast to play with! 

Pokemon Perler Beads

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Pokemon Perler Beads

My son LOVES Pokemon! He is currently obsessed with all the different characters. He loves to watch the show and he loves to play with the toys. 

When he found out that he could make Pokemon perler beads he was so excited! He loves to make perler bead designs, so combining that with his love of Pokemon was very exciting for him:)

He spent most of the weekend sitting at our dining room table creating these Pokemon creations. Well, it was a family event really, I helped him some with some of the difficult parts, and his older brother even got in on the fun and made some for him as well:) We had a great time! 

Perler Beads

One of my favorite things about perler beads is that they are so good for developing fine motor skills! Having to pick up the small beads and place them in the right spots is an excellent way to have fun and to help your child develop all at the same time. 

It’s also a wonderful activity for helping to increase focus and concentration.

How to Make Perler Beads

If you’ve never made perler beads before you need to start by getting together everything you need. 

You will need a peg board to design your perler beads on. And you will need the actual perler beads that are made specifically for this project. 

Then use the perler bead pictures below to design your Pokemon perler beads. You can see from the pics how many individual beads there are. Simply count the beads to know where to place them on the board.

Once you’ve placed all of your perler beads in place you need to iron them to fuse them together

Perler beads can be made for any topic and any holiday! Some of the perler beads we have made are Minecraft Perler Beads, Perler Bead Magnets, Halloween Perler Beads, Autumn Perler Beads, and Easter Perler Beads!

Now that you have everything gathered together that you need, let’s get started making some Pokemon perler beads!

Pokemon Perler Bead Patterns

I have learned a lot about Pokemon lately. I had no idea before having kids that I would not only know what a pokeball is, but that I would be writing about it lol!

If you aren’t familiar with the below Pokemon characters, just show them to your little Pokeman fans, they will definitely know what they are;)

Perler Beads Pokemon Ball

Pokemon Perler Beads

This pokeball is not the most common pokeball (I had no idea there were more than one;). Apparently there are TONS of different pokeballs! 

We found the picture of this pokeball perler bead here.

Perler Beads Pokemon Ball Patterns

Pokemon Perler Beads

This is the most common pokeball and the one that is most commonly seen in the Pokemon show. Even I recognized this as something from Pokemon when I saw it;)


Pokemon Perler Beads

This is the Popplio Pokemon! My son really likes him as well and decided that he should be one of our perler bead creations! 

In my opinion Popplio is one of the cuter pokemon because he looks kind of like a seal:) He’s very brightly colored and has a cute pink nose.

Pokemon Perler Bead Patterns

Pokemon Perler Beads

This is Mimikyu, a ghost/fairy type Pokemon known as the disguise Pokemon. 

He is my son’s favorite Pokemon! Honestly, he is obsessed with Mimikyu! He even used his own money to buy this Mimikyu stuffed toy!

This perler bead design was a little harder to make than some of the simpler perler bead designs, so I helped a little with him. I helped with the outline and then he was able to fill in the rest. You can find the perler bead pattern that we used here.


Pokemon Perler Beads

This pokemon looks like a cat. His name is Litten and he is a feline, fire type pokemon. 

You can find the perler bead pattern that we used to create him here.

Pokemon Perler Bead Designs

Pokemon Perler Beads

This is Charmander and he is also a fire type pokeman. Hence the fire on his tail;)

You can find the pattern that we used to create this Pokemon perler bead here.

Perler Bead Templates Pokemon

Pokemon Perler Beads

This is the final pokemon perler bead that we created. His name is Pikachu. He’s probably the most well known Pokemon there is! He is an electric type Pokemon. Isn’t he cute?!

Apparently he stores electricity in the red spots on his cheeks….who knew;)

You can find the template that we used to create him here.

Pokemon Perler Beads

And those are 7 Pokemon perler beads that your little Pokemon fans will love!

I hope you and your kids have as much fun creating them as we did! And I’m sure that in the process of creating them you will learn all kinds of interesting Pokemon facts that you never knew you needed to know;)

Be sure to come back and leave me a comment letting me know which ones your kids decide to make!