Are you looking for a fun fall craft for kids? This acorn wreath is sure to be a hit! A great way to have fun while helping to develop fine motor skills!

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Acorn Wreath

Acorn Wreath

My parents front yard is full of oak trees. Which means that the kids can pick lots and lots of acorns! 

Acorns are a great sensory item and can be lots of fun. We’ve been making lots of fun acorn crafts and activities this year such as the Acorn Sensory Bin and Painted Acorns. We’ve also made Tissue Paper Acorns and a super tasty Acorn Candy!

It’s been a lot of fun!

After playing with the acorns the kids made this super cute acorn wreath! I love being able to use the kids crafts and artwork as part of my fall decor:)

These were not only easy to make, but look adorable. 

Acorn Wreath

Acorn Wreaths Craft

Before you get started you need to gather your supplies. You will need:

Small Paper Plate

Brown Marker or Paint

Craft Glue


String or Ribbon 

Sounds pretty simple right? You can use any size paper plates but we used the small ones. Otherwise it will take FOREVER for your little one to add acorns to their wreath and they might get bored:)

We used plain acorns as well as painted acorns. The kids liked sprinkling the colored ones between the plain ones to give the wreaths a little color:)

Acorn Wreath

Acorn Wreath Tutorial

Start by cutting out the middle of the paper plate. Once you’ve done that let your little one color or paint the side that the acorns will go on brown. That way if the acorns aren’t super close together you won’t see the white paper plate between them. 

My kids painted theirs. What kid doesn’t love to paint right?!

Once the paint has dried squirt glue on the plate and let them start sticking on the acorns. Work your way around until they have completely covered the whole plate with acorns. 

Now you need to let the glue dry so that the acorns don’t slide off when you hang it. After it’s dry tie your string or ribbon around the wreath as you can see in the above video. 

And that’s all there is to making an acorn wreath! Isn’t it adorable?! This is definitely a fun, yet simple, fall craft!

Acorn Wreath