Are you looking for some fun printable Valentine’s Day activities for kids? We have put together a Valentine’s Day activity pack that your kids will love!

Valentine's Day Activity Pack

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Printable Valentine’s Day Activities for Kids

Activity packs are a fun way to keep kids busy while also helping them to develop and learn!

The Valentine’s Day activity pack helps to develop fine motor skills, visual discrimination skills, math skills, and more!

Valentine's Day Activity Pack

Valentine’s Day Theme

This activity pack is extra special because everything is centered around February 14th.

All the pages are full of bright colors and full of different shapes and pictures to catch your child’s attention. They have everything from teddy bears and chocolate candies to candy hearts and flowers.

Valentine’s Day celebrations won’t be complete without these Valentine’s Day worksheets and printable activities!

Print out your printable activity pack now and let your little one start learning and having Valentine’s Day fun!

Educational Activities

So what’s included in the fun learning activities?

It includes:

Valentine’s Day Word Searches

Word searches are lots of fun and great for the mind! These are extra special in that your child will be searching for Valentine’s Day themed words.

Valentine’s Day Crossword Puzzle

The Valentine Crossword puzzle is also unique to the holiday and a great game for the mind!

Valentine's Word Search & Crossword Puzzle

Valentine’s Day Matching Game

The nice thing about this pack is that it has something for a wide variety of ages. Matching games encourage critical thinking skills and help with development.

Valentine’s Day Puzzle

Puzzles are always fun! Simply print this heart puzzle on card stock, cut out the pieces, and let your little one learn and problem solve while having fun!

Valentine’s Day Tic Tac Toe

Tic tac toe is always a fun game for kids! It doesn’t matter how little or old your child is, they will love tic tac toe!

My sixteen year old and nine year old will play tic tac toe together still:)

Valentine’s Day I Spy Game

This is another great game for all ages. I confess, I still enjoy a good I spy;)

And this one is super cute with everything Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day Comparison Chart

This is a great activity for helping children to develop! Learning to compare objects is great for the mind!

Valentine's Day I Spy Game and Comparison Game

Valentine’s Day Memory Game

Memory is a classic game that has been around for forever! But for good reason, it’s excellent for increasing memory and brain development!

This Valentine’s Day version is super cute and fun. While you can print this on any type of paper we recommend printing on a thicker paper such as card stock for stronger game pieces. Simply print and then cut out the pieces.

Valentine’s Day Drawing Pages

Help your child learn about spacing and drawing with these drawing pages! Using the grid lines draw the other side of the heart or teddy bear on the page.

Valentine’s Day Word Scramble

Word scramble games are a great way to get your little ones thinking. My kids love to do these!

Valentine's Day Word Scramble

Valentine’s Day Mazes

Mazes are always lots of fun! These Valentine’s Day themed mazes are cute and will keep your child busy and entertained!

Valentine's Day Mazes

Valentines Day Activities

Each of these Valentine worksheets and activity sheets are the perfect way to to help develop a variety of skills through fun and play.

And the best part is that the pdf file is easy and fast to download and print! You can print the pages using a home printer, an office supply store, or the library. Any paper will work, however some of the games (such as the puzzle) will be best printed on card stock.

We hope you and your little ones enjoy these fun activities as much as we do! We know they will have a great time:)

Get your Valentine’s Day Activity Pack here!

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Have a happy Valentine’s Day!