Are you looking for great sensory bin ideas for kids? Are you looking for a sensory bin that is edible? Your child will love this edible ice cream sensory bin!

Sensory Bin

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Ice Cream Sensory Bin

Do your children like to play with sensory bins?

Sensory bins are not only a wonderful way to entertain your child, but a great way to incorporate sensory stimulation!

Sensory bins engage at least one, if not several, of the five senses: sight, sound, touch, smell or taste.

This sensory bin incorporates sight, smell, taste and touch!

That’s right! This sensory bin is sample safe:) No more worrying about your child eating the sensory bin fillers! This sensory bin is 100% edible!

Sensory Bin Ideas

My kids love sensory bins!

They had so much fun with the other sensory bins that I made, that I decided to make another one!

I’ve made quite a few sensory bins, but none of them have been edible. I really wanted to create something that incorporates the sense of taste.

Ice cream is something that I think most kids like, if not love!

So, I thought, what better than an ice cream sensory bin, complete with toppings!

The only problem, ice cream melts! So I decided to use whipped cream to make this bin. It looks like ice cream, tastes great, and will last a lot longer for sensory play!

Sensory Activities

It was a hit!

My son and my daughters loved playing and tasting this bin!

When we asked my four year old which sensory bin she liked best out of all of the bins that we have made, she said this one!

And who wouldn’t, you can never go wrong with sweets:)

Sensory Bins For Toddlers and Preschoolers

This sensory bin has something for both toddlers and older children.

My four year old loved this as much as my six year old.

Sensory Bin


How to Make the Ice Cream Sensory Bin

First you need a bin to create your ice cream sensory bin in.

Sensory Bin


Usually when making sensory bins I use a larger bin. But for this all you really need is a really big bowl.

We used a plastic bowl like this pink plastic bowl.

Next gather all of your ice cream tools and ingredients!

Sensory Bin

Sensory Items

These are the items that I added to our ice cream sensory bin:

2 Organic Whipped Cream In a Can (I got mine in the refrigerated section of whole foods)

Ice Cream Scoop

Natural Rainbow Sprinkles

Natural Chocolate Sprinkles

Large Silicone Baking Cups

Sensory Bin


How to Assemble Your Ice Cream Sensory Bin:

Start by adding the whipped cream to your bowl or bin. I used two cans of real whipped cream. Feel free to make your own whipped cream if you’d like!

Sensory Bin


Next pour some sprinkles into a silicone baking cup. I used one for each color sprinkles.

We also added some sprinkles directly to the whipped cream as well, it looks prettier that way:)

Sensory Bin


And that’s basically it! Now your ice cream sensory bin is ready for imaginative play!

How will your kids play with your ice cream sensory bin?

Sensory Bin


Will they dive right in to feel the whipped cream? Will they use the ice cream scoop to fill baking cups to serve ice cream?

We did a combination of both. The kids loved to feel the whipped cream by running their fingers through it in the large bowl. And they also loved scooping it into the silicone baking cups. Then they added sprinkles to the top of their little bowls of ice cream.

They loved to feel the sprinkles as well:)

Sensory Bin


I hope you and your family enjoy the Ice Cream Sensory Bin as much as we did!

Which items will you add to your Ice Cream Sensory Bin? Do you have any other ice cream topping ideas? Maybe chocolate chips?

Let me know by leaving me a comment below!

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