Are you looking for an editable Easter Bunny Letter? Here are two options that you can leave in your child’s Easter basket from the Easter Bunny!

Editable Easter Bunny Letter

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Editable Easter Bunny Letter

Easter is such a fun time with kids!

Most of our kids have outgrown the Easter bunny. Which I think makes me want to make it as special as possible for the ones that still believe in the Easter Bunny!

I want to do all the fun Easter Bunny things before all of them have outgrown the Easter fun!

A great way to bring the Easter Bunny to life for your little ones is to leave a letter from the Easter Bunny!

Cute Easter Bunny Letters

You can handwrite your own letter.

However you also risk the kids recognizing your handwriting, so definitely disguise that;)

Or you can use a premade letter that looks like it came directly from the desk of the Easter Bunny!

Cute Easter Bunny Note

We have created two editable letters that you can easily download, add your child’s name, and print!

They are super bright and cute, and the letter rhymes to make it even more fun:)

The awesome part is that you can have your own personalized Easter bunny letter by adding your child’s name before printing!

Custom Letter

This is EGG-tremely (sorry I couldn’t help myself;) easy to do!

Using a free Canva account you simply click the link included in your download, type your child’s name on the letter, download and print!

It’s really easy and can be done in a few minutes.

However, if you are printing this out on Easter morning in a big hurry (don’t worry, it happens to all of us! We have an elf on the shelf so we can relate;) then you can simply print the letter and handwrite your child’s name.

Easy peasy:)

Easter Letters

Imagine the look on your child’s face when they wake up Easter day and see a letter from the Easter Bunny in their basket with their name on it!

A personalized letter will make them feel so special and is such a fun way to enjoy Easter!

Printable Easter Bunny Letter

Below are the two options you can choose from. They both have different wording and different designs so that you can pick whichever one fits your child best!

Or you can use both! After all you are going to need an Easter bunny letter next year so now you’re covered for two years in a row:)

Option 1 (Add in your child’s name after purchase):

Easter Bunny Letter

Option 2 (Add in your child’s name after purchase):

Easter Bunny Letter

I hope you and your child enjoy both of these letters:)

Be sure to come back and leave us a comment letting us know how excited your child was to receive their personalized letter!

I hope you have an egg-citing day and a wonderful Easter celebration!

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